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I have always been involved with wood. Until I recently retired, my interests were on the hobby level and collecting. I moved my grandfather’s wood collection eight times over 30 years. Some pieces date back to 1954. Another piece is a leftover oak threshold from his house built in 1908. From him I learned that wood always has a history and tells a story. How old was the tree? Did it shade and cool a house during those hot dusty summer months? Did a child swing from one of the branches? (I know all too well the story behind trees from golf courses!)

In the past couple of years, I simply fell in love with turning wooden bowls. I enjoy the entire process. Being ever vigilant for downed trees, handling heavy materials (“How in the world will I get this 2,000 lb trunk in this trailer?”). Strategizing on how to cut the find to maximize the beauty of a future piece. Roughing out the bowl which is the first glimpse of the interior. Waiting a year and then completing the final piece sort of brings back all of the prior memories and then, “There it is!”

With rare exception, nearly all of my work is finished with beeswax. I want whoever uses what I make to do with it whatever they wish. A food safe finish allows that without a second thought. I use two products depending on the wood specie. In both cases, the finish produces a soft satin-type finish. After much use the finish can be restored by reapplying beeswax with a soft cloth.

Needless to say, each piece I sell is personal. My goal is to provide products that are beautiful and useful. I would hope that they last for generations. If you are not satisfied for any reason, leave a comment and we’ll work it out. If you are not happy, I’m not either. Like all wooden tools in a kitchen environment, simply wash them quickly in mild soapy water, rinse, and wipe dry. No dishwasher!

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Welcome to Woodson Turning!  

Pricing my handcrafted items has been a challenge. In many ways, they are often priceless to me because of the personal history I have with the origin of the wood and the time I spent creating the finished product.

It is very important to me that my bowls, cutting boards, and platters find their way into loving homes. I want to know that they will be cared for and enjoyed for many years. Feel free to contact me if there is something you would love to own, but are currently unable to afford. I may be able to find a similar item in a less expensive wood or come up with another option that would work for both of us. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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